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Tank Toland

Philidephia, PA
Louiseville, KY

Height:   5’ 9”
Weight:  225

Neck:   19”
Chest:  50”
Arm:    19”
Waist:  31”
Thigh:  28”
Calf:    19”


Tank Toland is a highly-experienced, former WWE superstar, who has come to the Rasslin and Muscle Productions' ring to show off his superior strength and skills. With his striking features and chiseled physique, Tank is the height of arrogance in the ring. Built like a Sherman Tank, Toland has the muscle to follow through with the threats he consistantly shouts at his opponents. Billing himself as “The 21st Century Wrecking Machine,” Tank Toland lays waste to those unlucky enough to cross his path in the squared circle.