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Craig Goliath

Los Angeles, CA

Height:   6 3
Weight:  280

Neck:   21
Chest:  54
Arm:    21
Waist:  35
Thigh:  28
Calf:    20


Standing at 6'3" and weighing in at a colossal 280 pounds of rock solid muscle, Craig "Guns" Goliath is a true monster of a man.  After seeing him working out in a gym in Los Angeles, Rasslin and Muscle Productions was quick to offer a contract to this behemoth.  With 21 inch biceps and a 505 pound bench press, Guns is an awesome force to be reckoned with.  Little is known about the background of this silent and foreboding wrestler, but the combination of his indomitable power and the screams of his opponents speak volumes.